Turning Finance Buyers into Cash Buyers: David Delgado to Present at 1-Day Boot Camp in Monrovia, California


Turning Finance Buyers into Cash Buyers: David Delgado to Present at 1-Day Boot Camp in Monrovia, California

Monrovia, California - March 22, 2024 - Freedom Choice Lending is proud to announce that David Delgado, a renowned figure in the mortgage industry, will be presenting a transformative session on turning finance buyers into cash buyers at an exclusive 1-day boot camp on March 28th, 2024. The event will take place in Monrovia, California, and will host over 150 registered realtors eager to enhance their expertise in real estate financing.

David Delgado, a seasoned expert with extensive experience in mortgage banking, will share invaluable insights and strategies aimed at empowering real estate professionals to convert finance-dependent buyers into cash-ready clients. With a focus on innovative financing solutions and market trends, Delgado's presentation promises to equip attendees with actionable techniques to streamline transactions and expedite the homebuying process.

"We are thrilled to have David Delgado from Freedom Choice Lending join us for this highly anticipated boot camp," said Ivan Rayas, organizer of the event. "His expertise and proven track record in the mortgage industry make him the perfect speaker to address the challenges and opportunities in converting finance buyers into cash buyers."

The 1-day boot camp will provide a dynamic learning environment where realtors can network, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders like David Delgado. Attendees can expect interactive sessions, case studies, and practical tips to elevate their skills and stay ahead in today's competitive real estate market.

"We understand the importance of empowering realtors with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed," said David Delgado, speaking on behalf of Freedom Choice Lending. "I'm excited to share strategies that will help real estate professionals navigate the complexities of financing, ultimately enabling them to better serve their clients and drive business growth."

The event will be held at Marriott in Monrovia, California, on March 28th, 2024. Registration is limited, and interested participants are encouraged to secure their spots early to avoid missing out on this valuable opportunity.

For more information and to register for the boot camp, please visit TheFutureofRealEstate.com or contact Ivan Rayas at 626-789-0159.

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